Leaders of the pack

We are a team of professionals and leaders in our fields with a vision of coming together to create a service that delivers to the needs of the market & of the community.

We are driven by our values and powered by our Mission to see data used to its fullest to make change in our world.

Our Mission

Improving decision-making at all scales by enabling access to data, alongside science, mātauranga Māori and community values.

Our Values

Trust - kia pono - as people, as a company and as the one source for all environmental data

Transparent - matatika - honest and open about who we are and where our data comes from

Equity - tōkeke - for te taiao and for all, through access to information

Excellence - panekiretanga - of ourselves, our world, our data and our technology

Care - manaaki - of our people, our environment, our clients our communities and of our collective data

Te Kore, Te Pō, Te Ao Mārama
Our Development Framework

In developing our tools we use a specific te ao Māori centred framework developed by one of our founders, James Whetu. Te Kore, te Pō, Te Ao Mārama. This acknowledges movement through various stages throughout all of our projects. Te Kore - A stage of learning what we do not know, gathering knowledge and development. This is followed by a stage of unsettling, discomfort and pushing through troubleshooting in Te Pō. The third stage Te Ao Mārama, represents movement into a state of settled and continued growth. This framework acknowledges that all work in this space should be collaborative and through this, there is never an end point, but a continued search for betterment. Find out more about our framework here.