Our Commitments to Data Sovereignty

The Stream is a Māori owned business and as such has made a clear  commitment to data sovereignty, particularly where Māori data is concerned.

We support and uphold Aotearoa data sovereignty principles as advocated by Te Mana Raraunga and Te Kāhui Raraunga through:

  • Being a Māori owned company

  • All tools being designed to increase data equity and get useful data into Māori hands

  • Ensuring the decisions around access, privacy and control all remain squarely with Māori owners

  • Focusing on te ao Māori methodologies

  • Facilitate Aotearoa data storage wherever practicable and where this is a viable option for our clients

All of The Stream products have been developed specifically with mana whenua in mind. They have been developed to level the playing field for data access with a focus on data equity for decision making. All of our tools are built to be able to facilitate reciprocal data sharing, where agreed and where approved by data owners. Data (including Māori data in any algorithms) is:

  • Owned by those that contribute it

  • Shared only with those that the owners agree to

  • Completely private and secure

  • Built with data sovereignty at the core, pursuing the 8 Pou of Māori data governance 


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